Nick Lockey
Product Strategist & UX Researcher

Concept and usability testing for a consumer IoT product

A moderated research project to gauge the impact of new product features

The brief

The client

The consumer IoT ('Internet of Things') division within global telecoms brand, producing a number of wearables and connected devices.

The challenge

To test out some concepts around a new battery-saving feature for a GPS tracking device, validating our key assumptions before committing internal resources.

The audience

Existing customers who engage with the device on a semi-regular basis. With the product live across Europe, we needed input from customers in the UK, Italy, Spain and Germany.

The complication

As an IoT device, the project spanned both digital and physical product development. It was crucial to gain confidence in our suggested features before committing to further design, software development and hardware engineering.

My role

I worked as Senior UX Researcher on the project, using my experience and insight to shape the research brief and investigate the specific questions brought to me by the product team. My responsibilities included:

Scoping the research brief

Customer recruitment

User interviews & testing

Survey design

Synthesising the research data

Report writing and playback

GDPR and research operations

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Unfortunately, I'm not able to share further details of this project on my site. if you'd like to find out more about how I went about the research and the impact it made, please drop me a line at: